Neveoh has an extensive network in the European business market around utilities, telecom operators and technology vendors. On this basis Neveoh supports multiple technology vendors to bring them to market in Europe or more specifically in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or the United Kingdom.

The Neveoh team is being expanded on a regular basis and can support multiple products and fields of business. 

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Business Development

Finding new markets and clients is a complicated task from abroad, especially from other continents. Neveoh is supporting companies from all over the world to build new businesses in Europe. Starting with market research and strategizing by the Neveoh Management team, next stage is actual business development by Neveoh Trade. The approach is building from many years of experience and and extensive network in telecom, utilities, ICT companies and many more. 


Agent or Distributor

Neveoh Trade is acting as agent or distributor for companies in need of local presence and building of new businesses. Trade is focussing on distributing connected technology (Internet of Things) towards utilities, telecom and ICT players. Neveoh is supporting corporates, scaleups and startups to find and build new markets and business.