Main objective for Neveoh is finding growth for her customers, not only as external strategy advisor but also hands on in innovation, business development and interim management. With experience in finding winning strategies in industries like cloud software, telecom and hardware  Neveoh can support you to build your winning strategy, innovate and build your business and organisation towards realisation of the strategy. 




Finding strategies is an analytical task of understanding and modeling internal and external forces and apply scenario analytics on that data. The internal strengths, and weaknesses compared to current and potential competition and external threats and opportunities give a clear overview of potential. Based on deep inside market knowledge in multiple fields Neveoh together with her IoT network is providing guidance, analytical and management services to her clients. 



Innovation is the process of building technology with a fit to market in time for the market. Through a network of suppliers, partners and vendors Neveoh is supporting her clients to find new ways to expanding the portfolio in time for the market and with a cost optimized setup. 


Business Development

Next stage in the process to growth is building business and finding new clients and markets for the new developed strategies and portfolio. With a network of partners Neveoh can find new customers and implement strategies into markets.


Interim Management

Neveoh Management operates not only as external advisor or consultant but also can operate as interim executive. Reach out to us on info for further details.